Accepted Papers

Best Paper Award

MAGIC: Multi-Agent Graph-Attention Communication

Yaru Niu, Rohan R Paleja, Matthew Gombolay

Best Student Paper Award

Multi-Agent Trajectory Prediction by Combining Egocentric and Allocentric Views

Xiaosong Jia, Liting Sun, Hang Zhao, Masayoshi Tomizuka, Wei Zhan

Best Paper Runner-up

Continual Multi-agent Interaction Behavior Prediction with Conditional Generative Memory

Hengbo Ma*, Yaofeng Sun*, Jiachen Li, Masayoshi Tomizuka, Chiho Choi

Accepted Posters (no order)

Cross-modal Relational Reasoning Network for Visual Question Answering

Hongyu Chen, Bo Peng, Ruifang Liu

BoMuDANet: Unsupervised Adaptation for Visual Scene Understanding in Unstructured Driving Environments

Divya Kothandaraman, Rohan Chandra, Dinesh Manocha

Decoder Fusion RNN: Context and Interaction Aware Decoders for Trajectory Prediction

Edoardo Mello Rella, Jan-Nico Zaech, Alexander Liniger, Luc Van Gool

Collaborative Uncertainty in Multi-Agent Trajectory Forecasting

Bohan Tang, Yiqi Zhong, Ulrich Neumann, Gang Wang, Siheng Chen, Ya Zhang

Interactive Behaviour Prediction for Heterogeneous Traffic Participants In the Urban Road: A Graph Neural Network-based Multi-task Learning Framework

Zirui Li